Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hero Worship

We just did our first popcorn movie of 2016 (though I'd say we technically get popcorn at two-thirds of our movies). 


I was more than mildly surprised.

It had it all: Action. Suspense. Violence. Stunts. Pseudo-Gore. TJ Miller. Sex / Nakedness. A Lesbian Wanna Be Fireball. Bad language.  Uhuru Leslie Uggams. Self-deprecation and a Ronnie Milsap reference.

Like I said: ALL.

'All' means it was entertaining - not that Deadpool is an outstanding piece of cinema. But no body was kidding anyone that it would be or was. It was still fun.

I can guarantee, I was the only one in the audience to get the Ronnie Milsap reference. For one, I was the second oldest person in the theater (psssst....710 was the oldest). For second - I'm not sure even 710 knew Ronnie Milsap is (was?). And we were one of few non-Asians. To say the audience was made up of Marvel fan-boys would be an understatement.

Well, there was the couple who brought their 10 month and 3 and 5 year olds with them. Lord. I'm sure big-screen beheadings are the norm for those kids. least it is now. I really don't know why one or two of the Asian dudes even bothered showing up - as I don't think they ever were off their phones - not talking, but doing something.

There is a line from the former show, Happy Endings, where gay Max is about to go out on a date with a guy - and his line is: "we both love Ryan Reynolds. we both hate Ryan Reynolds movies...." Until yesterday, I'd say, "true that".   (Of course Max's follow-up line was that he was going to "wine, dine and 79" his new date because it is 10 better.)

Reynolds has a smoking hot body - and 710 reassured me that he would still love me if I ever ended up having a similar build - and Reynolds does well at breaking the fourth wall in the movie. The writing was foul-mouthed, which is just fine with me and it suits the character and the material.

Ryan makes fun of himself, of his People Sexiest Man Alive designation, albeit using Wolverine Hugh Jackman. He makes the self-deprecation reference to his Green Lantern movie debacle. And while in character he makes fun of Ryan Reynolds. And he jabs at Marvel and X-Men franchises, sequels and how all super heroes land after falling or jumping great distances.

Deadpool is the anti-Avengers - and it worked well for me.  (It wasn't lost on me that two of the four previews were Marvel sequel / prequels: Captain America and X-Men Apocalypse - which title implies that it doesn't end well for anyone.)

There are a lot of people in the movie, but when it comes to speaking parts, you're down to like seven folks. No one is horrible, but no one is walking away with anything more than an MTV movie award.

I was amused to see that even in comic-book based movies with an R rating, that no guy can actually harm even the evilest of women. Any true harm can only be dealt with by another woman.

Of course, maybe the fan-boys jack off to that, just like Reynolds character choked the chicken while thinking of Bernadette Peters.

Oh wait - I've said too much.

2016 Movie Count / Goal:  08 of 18

Song by: the B-52's


Brett said...

Love me some Ronnie Milsap!

Bob said...

Seeing it today! I need a little superhero debauchery ...

Fearsome Beard said...

I rather enjoyed that one. While I caught many a reference, I did miss the Ronnie Milsap one.

Raybeard said...

(Just seen your comment on my own post and acknowledged it.)

You've filled in some of the gaps in my not getting the references - though I still don't know who this Milsap chappie is. If I saw the film again, which wouldn't be a bad thing, I'm sure I'd get more out of it second time around. In that respect I suppose it was quite a 'dense' film, which is even more unlikely in it having been a 'comedy'.

Mark in DE said...

I tried to get Spouse to see this with me Sun afternoon, to no avail. I may have to go without him.