Friday, October 31, 2014

the Ghost on Every Corner

I always wish I had something interesting to say on Halloween...but I don't.

It's just never been my holiday, though I love watching others get excited about it - even if they don't really ever follow through with costumes or anything.

I get it. Work and life get in the way of having you being slathered in Karo syrup coloured red.

Alas, I am just not clever enough for a really good costume anyways. I somewhat admire the folks who go all out and do something fun and daring.

We did get invited to a Halloween open house. The hosts didn't mention costumes. I'd hate to show up without one and be the only ones not wearing a get-up - which is only slightly less embarrassing then dressing up when no one else does. They're having mulled wine, which isn't really a compelling reason to go.

It's also supposed to snow tonight. But since it's Cleveland, that is not a rarity for this night. More often than not, kids who go trick-or-treating have a parka covering their princess or cowboy outfit.  ....or whatever crazy kids dress as these days. Probably the two guys from Breaking Bad or any character from Games of Thrones.

If we make it through tonight with no trick-or-treaters, it will be years nine without one person stopping by for candy. Of course, we will buy a bag since Halloween is on a Friday. The traffic patterns might be different this year.

If we get no one, we get no one. Maybe I don't need a costume to scare the neighbor kids.

Song by: Marti Jones


Bob said...

Finally! Another gay--besides myself and Carlos--who is not a Hallo-queen.

All y'all can have it; I'll sit it out, again.

Fearsome Beard said...

I'll be staying in to give out candy. I save my costuming for Comic-Con. No kids for 9 years? WOW that would save me some buckage. They bring 'em by the bus loads to my neighborhood. I easily have a hundred. Neighboring streets that are flat have 200 or more. The thing is there aren't 200 kids in the 'hood....go figure.

Mark in DE said...

Most CLEVER costume seen at last night's party: a girl wearing a black shirt that read "YAY CEILINGS!!" with a pom-pom in each hand.

Yep, she was a ceiling fan.