Monday, October 27, 2014

My Music Monday

Technically, Blondie's Eat the the Beat was released in October 1979, but by-and-large, it was an album for 1980.

Save the first single, "Dreaming", the others were released in 1980.

"Slow Motion" was the slated fourth single from Eat to the Beat, but "Call Me" from the American Gigolo" gained popularity and "Slow Motion" was never released as a 45.

However, as good as most every song on Eat to the Beat is, "Slow Motion" has always held a special place for me.

While slightly new wave-y, it probably holds more common with girl group songs of the 60s. The song has a great drum beat, but drums/percussion was always a strong suit for Blondie up through their last few albums.

The melody is catchy, as are the lyrics. Had "Call Me" not come along, I think "Slow Motion" would have been a good radio hit.

....and it has Lorna Luft on backing vocals. You homos will know her from Grease 2 or as Judy Garland's other daughter.

Eat to the Beat also had one of, if not the first, video albums. Each song had an associated video, which was quite revolutionary back in 1979-80. None of them are that well done, but this was before video was truly a big thing.

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