Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Site of the Month

This one might not be exciting, unless you're into statistics or actuarial sciences.

Ziptapestry's tag line is: What Your Zip Code Says About You.

I totally get what it says about Median Age, Population and such. I think it might be a little more nebulous when it talks about patterns on households.

Our zip code does have a major university within its borders. So there can be a bunch of "singles" here. I'd find it hard to believe every zip doesn't have computers and cellphones are a major thing in their lives.

We do have a few assisted living facilities in our zip, so maybe that makes up for the living alone and fixed income parts. 44106 is part of Cleveland-proper, but part of Cleveland Heights as well. I'm not sure how they are determining the bingo at community center stuff. I suppose IF they are only talking about the folks receiving SSI benefits, then I'm guessing this would fit in with every zip with this explicit demographic. 

44106 does have modest income homes, but we also have the manse population too. And student housing. Our demographic I think is fairly split between African American and Caucasian, so I don't know I'm buying the gospel and R&B station stuff. If there is a gospel station, I have yet to come across it. 

Ouch. But I'm assuming this is from IRS info.

Ouch. But I'm assuming this is from Census info. But the reality is, I'm probably above the median age in most ever community.

To be fair, we are at the Cleveland proper zip. Ohio is lots and lots of farmland, as is the U.S. in general. It seems crowded, but honestly it is not. 

I haven't really played around with zips other than where I grew up. It might be fun to take it to Camden, NJ or Bel Air, CA to see the disparities. 

Is the info "accurate" for your zip?

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