Friday, October 10, 2014

Coming Out of Hiding

It's National Coming Out Day tomorrow.


I can't say anything that hasn't been said already - by others or by my previous years posts on this day. Well this day tomorrow. It falls on a Saturday. Do you really want me interrupting Petey Porn because of gay-stuff?

I am going with a video clip this year.

If you never saw the show Happy Endings, that's sad. It kept getting revived and moved around a few years back and it was actually a very funny show (and actually reruns are now on Logo). Yes, one could compare it to Friends (or a half-dozen other shows that tried to follow that formula) - as there were three guys and three women.

Yes, they hung out at a bar (instead of a coffee shop) and yes, there were a pair of siblings. But that's where it ends.....kind of. At least I found Happy Endings funny. I can't truly say that about Friends. Oh - and they had a black character. You definitely can't say that about Friends.

But one of the guys is gay - and not in that Jack McFarland kind of stereotype....or in that New Normal stereotype. Or that other show that no one ever saw that "starred" that guy who played Jack McFarland.

No - Max is an all buffoon-ish, shlubby, Jewish gay guy. Slobby, unmotivated.....funny. Just like all the homos you really know.

The clip is of him trying to come out (or not) to his parents. It's a shorter clip than planned, as the one I had scheduled here is now gone off YouTube. But I'll try to set-it up for context as it helps a little if you knew the rest of the characters and their background, but it's not imperative.

The one storyline is clearly about Max possibly coming out to his parents, but he doesn't want to because coning out is "so gay". His long-time beard was Penny, who is about go out on a date with a guy whose last name is Hitler - which was a hilarious secondary storyline.

Of course, on some level the other two women (sisters Jane and Alex) are competing to be Max's new beard to his unsuspecting parents.

The entire episode is viewable on YouTube for like a dollar. Or wait for it t come onto rotation on Logo. Worth it!

Song by: Pamela Stanley


Bob said...

I loved that show, and still get sucked in when it's part of a LOGO marathon!

And you're right about Max, more of us are like him that JP McFarf, though we do have a lot of McFarlands in our little club.

Unknown said...

Fun clip...with old friend Caroline Aaron (playing Pauline Blum)...."...dudes." Thx.

Erik Rubright said...

I'll have to add that show to my "to watch" queue. Thanks for that!