Saturday, January 04, 2014

Dope Nose

It's a new year, but for now, I think I shall keep Petey Porn (and the associated Sophie shots) going.

Is it bad that two Petey Porn posts were two of my three highest visited posts? What does that say about all the other writing I do? Thwarted by four-legged creatures...........again!

Hmmmmm......what to do?  what. to. do.? 

Barely enough space to curl up. This was after checking out the other side of the ottoman where she sniffed and whapped at his tail. He didn't move a millimeter. She had to make do. 

Oddly (or not?) Petey isn't fond of the cold, but likes the snow. He is happy to dive face first into big piles. Or small ones. Yesterday he was out in the yard for 30 minutes rooting around for lord knows what. 

 I actually love this picture. 

That's it. It's a post holiday, back to work kind of week so I didn't have lots of photo opportunities. I'm guessing there will be more to come.  

Song by: Weezer


anne marie in philly said...

snow nose! just don't eat the yellow snow!

Anonymous said...

WC Fields warned you.

Ur-spo said...

Pets trump everything; being cute is their most barbarous weapon.

Mark in DE said...

Our beagle Jordan was the opposite of Petey. She didn't mind cold weather but didn't like walking in the snow. Weird, huh? Same breed, opposite preferences.

Erik Rubright said...

Sophie looks rather... swollen... in that first picture. She might not be pleased.