Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Shiny Shiny

You know how I'm a great big freeze baby, right?  This Polar Vortex is not helping a thing. Overall, the house is staying warm - no pipes freezing. But the sunroom, where we spend quite a bit of time is not well insulated.

It be cold!

For the holidays, the last few years in fact, 710 has gotten me gifts to keep me warm - whether it be gloves or hats.

This year is was Columbia Omni-Heat Reflective Baselayers.

Right here is the shirt. It fits snugly. I haven't worn it outside yet, but perhaps today. Hopefully the reflective dots will use my body heat to enhance my chance at not freezing to death. 

However, if that doesn't work, I can reverse the shirt and go out disco'ing, as if it were 1982. 

This picture doesn't even being to show how shiny the inside of the shirt actually is. It actually makes me seem more Dr. Smith from Lost in Space than Studio 54. 

The bathroom light also makes me look like I have boobies. Little boobies, but boobies, nonetheless. Bother. 

Song by:  Haysi Fantayzee


anne marie in philly said...

dr. smith - HA!

yes, it DOES look like the headlights are on.

Jim said...

It must be awfully nipply there...

BosGuy said...

Disco fever Blobby!

Stay warm...the chill finally made its way out here in Boston. :-(

David G said...

You look perfect for Bingo night down in Boca!

Greg said...

Shiny like a perky baked potato. But I'll bet that shirt keeps you incredibly warm.