Saturday, January 25, 2014

Come a Little Bit Closer

Since Petey Porn was skipped last week, I'm back.  He's back.

Because of the bitter cold, he's been very housebound. There are no walks for him - though he wants one. But I freeze out there, I can't tell how he's processing the cold, so not taking the chance. As it seems, he runs out and back in after doing what he needs too. Once in a while he'll roam a little but not for long.

And while I love him, I don't really want to carry him a half-mile home if he finds he can't make it back. We're making the best of it.

It gets colder next week, so it might be a while before he gets a full walk(s) in.

No doubt, my favourite from this week's photo collection. The chair is no longer 710's. It now rightfully belongs to Petey. 

Petey resting his head on my leg while I work is worth $1,000.000.000.  

Brother and sister cuddle time. 

At the ready. There are treats to be had. 

Song by: Fleetwood Mac


anne marie in philly said...

furry companion porn! they love and trust us with their every heartbeat.

Ur-spo said...

It's a dog's life, after all.