Wednesday, January 15, 2014

App of the Month

So how did everyone like December's App of the Month?  Did you download and reap all the crappy free gifts iTunes had to offer?

I'm assuming we all got the same questionable games, Kings of Leon and Lordes songs? I think the only thing of value was the movie, Hugo, which I had already seen, but still we downloaded it. Well 710 did. We didn't see a huge need to have two copies of that on our devices.

Eh - it was free, as are most of my apps, so you get what you pay for. Like this month.  ...and it's brought to you via my cousin, David. I mean, he didn't create it, just pointed me in the right direction by showing it to me on his phone.

Om Finder is for that person who might be on the road and still wants to go to a yoga class.

The om-ega logo (or That Girl hair do) is really the logo for lululemon, as they do sponsor or control the app, but that's ok.

I hear from some, that lulu can be a bit invasive and even cult-like. I don't see it, but I'm a guy. We take their free community yoga classes and now and again I purchase a shirt or pair of shorts. I will say the women who go into the store just pour over the clothes which seem to change (for them) each week - or they always find the 'new' thing.

lulu doesn't really sell anything on this app - including yoga classes for studios. They just list them based on your current location and the great thing is, since it knows the date / time you're viewing, it shows the immediate upcoming classes, studios and links.

Sure you can change the date / time if you're not looking for "right now", and it's easy to do. Ditto with picking studios and instructors.

I'm using my current "other" studio to highlight here. It tells me the class and teacher coming up.

There's also a tab on the teachers, if you so desire to look at their bios. This is great if you're traveling and want to see what you're getting yourself into and it's an unknown studio / location / teacher. 

The 'info' button is just that - directions, maps, website and contact information. 

For the traveling yogi, it's a good app to have. Many studios have their own apps, but they are limited to that one studio. There are also yoga instruction apps as well, but I haven't looked into them that much. Maybe another month. 

As for this one, it's a good one.   ...and yes, it's free.


Wonder Man said...

cool, something to check out

Jim said...

You really should do your hair like that!

Ur-spo said...

i too wish to check this one out.