Sunday, January 19, 2014


Oh well - I have my third ticket. Speeding ticket, that is.

Three tickets in five years.  Or three tickets in 34 years, depending on how you view it. Yes, I never got a speeding ticket in the first 29 years of driving.

44 in a 35. I won't know the damage is for a few days. They'll post the ticket on the city site and I'll find out how much I owe. Last time it was $150.

The officer asked if there was any reason I might have been traveling that fast. I didn't have a good fake reason. Needed to poop really bad? Thought it was a 45mph zone? Headed to the hospital?

I still have my hospital ID badges. In theory I could use them to say I was heading to the hospital and the rumour out there is the po-po let off the hook for that. I suppose I could just leave those IDs in my car "in case". My friend Jeremy did that, but they followed him down to the hospital to make sure that is where he was going. He wasn't - but he made the trek, for show.

And for the record, the cop wasn't even remotely hot. Gay male porn has lied to us......again. I've heard.

Song by: Big Audio Dynamite


anne marie in philly said...

rut row. sux. :(

Birdie said...

Your last line got a laugh from me. So the whole thing was worth it, don't you think?