Monday, January 06, 2014

My Music Monday

Time for a change up on the old title image for this stand-by post. We'll see if I like it or will keep it. Time will tell folks. Time will tell.

Since we are only predicted to be below -10F (with out the wind chill) for the next few days, I thought I'd start with that theme, even though those weather predictions have not come to fruition yet. And depending on what weather report you read, we will be getting 1-3". Or 2-4". Or 8-13". Of snow, that is. It's kind of a big variance, so I'm going for 1-3"...just because.

Oh, I thought about doing Madonna's "Frozen", but then figured Morty and David would hit the 'back' button faster than you can say 'shit'. Why tempt the alienation?

So, I searched everything I own with 'freeze', 'frozen', 'frigid' 'wind' and 'cold'. Not a lot in the first three selections, but more in the last two. None that really hit my brain as stand-outs, but......

I'm going with "cold water" by Damien Rice (featuring Lisa Hannigan) from Rice's debut solo album O.

I mean, isn't cold water, snow?  or at the very least, ice. Either way, we're getting both, so, I think I'm on target if I'm trying to tie this all together (do your Airplane reference now!).

I like Rice, though he's only made two solo disks - his last being over seven years ago. His music can be simple and complicated at the same time, though to be honest, having Hannigan as his harmony vocalist was a huge appeal. Now that they have broken up - definitely professionally, and assumed personally (not that I care about the latter) - we'll see how his music goes over with me.

I actually reviewed Hannigan's solo disk five years ago (and posted another Rice/Hannigan video there - "volcano").

"cold water" might not hold up to that last song, but I like it and it's good.  Low key, but good.

....and at least it's not Madonna.

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