Monday, January 27, 2014

My Music Monday

If one were to look at me, you'd never expect me to be a fan of any of the work or Lynyrd  Skynyrd.

I get that, when any band does an encore, it is funny to yell "Freebird" - no matter who the band is. Once.

That is once in a lifetime, not once per concert.

And of course, by "funny", I mean - not humourous at all. It's annoying as fuck. And I was never a fan of that song in the first place. Ditto with "Sweet Home Alabama", which was just a response to Neil Young's song "Alabama".

I would never really call myself a fan of the band.

Inexplicably, I know many of their songs: "Gimme Three Steps", "Saturday Night Special", "Call Me the Breeze", "What's Your Name" and the two aforementioned songs. Apparently, I am the product of coming of age in the '70s in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you WMMS.

Possibly even more inexplicably is that I like another one of their songs that hasn't even been mentioned: "That Smell".

The song is a cautionary tale of the excess of drugs and alcohol on a person and 'the smell of death that surrounds you'. The song was co-written by after Ronnie Van Sant wrecked his car after drinking excessively.  Ironically (?) Van Sant died three days after the album's release date in a plane crash.

But I like the medley. I like the vocal arrangement. I even like the guitar work.

It was 1977. There weren't music videos back then - unless you take the Midnight Special or Don Kirshner's Rock Concert clips. This is some fan-based one.  You're listening for the music, not the questionable video retelling.


geoffredo said...

OMG...Don Kirshner's Rock Concert & WMMS. I think I will just reserve my suite at Judson Manor now.

Erik Rubright said...

And in the South, these are all STILL daily plays on the radio....

rebecca said...

Omg that's not me in the video still is it???