Sunday, November 17, 2013


I have become that absent-minded {post} middle-aged man. Apparently, I'm "that guy" who has to be reminded that today is our anniversary. Queue one episode that has been written for every sitcom ever.

The third anniversary is Leather - dontcha know. Well, I didn't. I had to look it up.

Sure some might like Tin, Silver or Gold more, but eh. Leather is so much more versatile.

What?  I mean, belts, shoes, jackets or know, chaps, harnesses, cockrings and such.  See? Versatile!

Years ago, Morty got me a black leather candle (yes, you read that correctly), that actually smelled well, like black leather. I don't know the occasion. I'm not sure there is an occasion for getting black leather candle.

I moved from Columbus to Cleveland with it. Had it at two separate houses until we moved eight plus years ago. 710 made me toss it. I never lit it. I almost didn't want to, but I liked the smell. I'm sure it was cheaper than buying chaps. I mean, I'm guessing!

But there is no leather that will be exchanged today. Except for dinner somewhere, I'm not sure we are celebrating at all. It's not that the thrill is gone or anything, just life getting in the way.

I'm not even sure that dinner will be our celebration. We made tentative plans to go out with friends, not that they wouldn't celebrate with us, but it is not expected or even discussed.

No celebration takes a back seat to leaf clean-up. Continued clean-up that is, though we're getting close to the end. Yesterday was about taking a stab at getting most of the rest of the leaves off the lawn. There is possibly one more small clean-up to do in a week. Last leaf pick-up by the city is in 11 days.

(feel free to insert clumsy penis metaphor here.  hehehe...I said "insert")

The gas-powered leaf blower is great. I never cared for the electric one, but this one is way more powerful and got me to clear the lawn in a little over an hour's time. ....and I look mega-butch with it, no?  (the question is rhetorical - so keep the lips sealed.)

Yesterday morning, before lawn maintenance, we had our neighborhood 'men's breakfast'. Still serving steel cut oats (meh), but at least the company is fine, though we seem to be in the same invite rotation as the last two. I wouldn't mind us getting in a slightly different mix of men (there are multiple gatherings, but generally you're invited to one per year) - not that there's anything wrong with the gents with which we ate. It can just be interesting changing up the list here and there.

Still, it's a great gesture and one of those things that make our neighborhood a little unique.

So, here we are - year three of official marriage. Sure, there were those pesky 25 years of non-marriage, but we're still not recognized by the state of Ohio. Maybe that will change soon.

Song by:  Tori Amos


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm a little more conservative when it comes to certain matters, so I'll take a leather purse.

Boots are fine, too. ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

happy anniversary, lovebirds!

wcs said...

Happy anniversary! I like having the unofficial and the "official" anniversaries. It's kind of like having second breakfast.

Jim said...

Happy anniversary!

And... Oh my! Your blower is huge! ;)

Mark in DE said...

It is certainly understandable to not have 'big' anniversary plans when you've been together that long. Congrats to you both on the longevity of your union, even if it is not yet recognized by your state.

Harpers Keeper said...

Belated Happy Anniversary.

Erik Rubright said...

Belated third DC anniversary to you both!

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