Sunday, November 03, 2013


I got nothing.

Yesterday was a home day - I never left it.  I stayed inside all day long. I skipped yoga and, if I must be honest, never got out of my fuzzy bear pants.

I didn't even take Petey for a walk - 710 did those, g-d love him.

It was cold. It poured all day long. And the reality was - I didn't want to leave Petey, though he's doing much better.

His coughing has pretty much subsided. He's eating pretty well and taking his meds. He finally pooped (trust me, that was a big thing this and last time he had pneumonia).  He's not taking in much fluid, so he's getting wet food and we're even adding water to that (710's brilliant idea), so we're tricking him into drinking.

Sophie goes over and checks on him several times per day - so she just might get that RN license after all.

Anyhoo - it was just a day for nesting and I had nice long nap. We all did and all within about 30 square feet.

Song by:  Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks


anne marie in philly said...

nothing wrong with a day of rest and leisure. you were looking after petey.

Ur-spo said...

It is quite the emotional wringer when our pets are ill. On the positive, your day sounds quiet at home and not at all rushed; 'lovely' in its way.

cb said...

Well, i'm hoping Petey is well on the mend!

Mark in DE said...

It isn't often but it is certainly enjoyable when I have a day when I can stay in my flannel PJ pants and not leave the house. Glad Petey is doing better. I have found meds always seem to make dogs not poop.

Harpers Keeper said...

An Inside day is nice every so often. Sorry Petey is under the weather but glad you caught it early. Sounds like he on the mend with much TLC,