Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Warm Place

Saturday. Saturday. Saturday.

Why hasn't Rebecca Black followed up her mega-hit single?   Ohhhhh I remember.

Anyway, it is Petey Porn Day.  You knew it would be.

For pushing 12 years old, he still has times of being a playful pup - especially when it's about going outside. He knows walk times.

Of course, he dictates walk times. And his internal body clock will tell him to tell me that it is morning or evening walk time. 

It's been a cold few days (into the twenties - as the high!). He's been taking to getting out of his bed, and finding sun to sleep in.  I worry about his old man bones and him needing heat. This is a new development.  But as you can see, Sophie plops down right next to him and they have a slumber party. 

And it was time again to wash his beds. He gets so confused when one disappears (even though he has a second). But on the big one, he wasn't letting me put the cover back on. He just sat his beagle butt on it and would not budge. 

Stubborn pooch.

Why not a short 20 second (or so) video of Petey excited to be going out. It's an ok shot, but sometimes he is much much much more animated.

Song by:  Nine Inch Nails


anne marie in philly said...

look at that tail go!

cats and dogs and lizards and humans love the warm sun; I do!

Ur-spo said...

Just love the fellow!

Anonymous said...

You know they have electric doggie beds now that only warm when the kiddies lie on them! Although Petey may move or chew(?) his too much to be practical. Mine love the heated kitchen floor - no heat in the powder room.