Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blowing in the Wind

The 2013 (or is it 2014?) Farmer's Almanac said this upcoming Winter, for our neck o'the woods would have average snow fall, but would be colder than normal.

I'm sure there is 'normal' somewhere out there, but I don't know what that is and am too damned lazy to look it up.

But by "winter", I assumed they meant December 21 - March 20. I didn't think they meant bone chilling cold in November - almost a full month away from that dreaded season of interminably long dark days.

Saturday I was coming home from Columbus and stopped to get gas. JFC - I froze just paying and getting the pump ready.

I truly know how good I have it when I can wait inside a fucking Mercedes while I fill it with petrol. I don't know how the homeless (or those frontier people) ever survive a night, let alone weeks or years of this. I'm not sure I could make it two hours.

We are now on day four of this.

Sunday, pulling into my parents development, the roads were untouched, and the wind was howling - blowing the snow everywhere. Then the houses that already had holiday lights up, had them on. It certainly felt more like we were going over for a holiday celebration than a regular Sunday dinner that landed before Thanksgiving.

Even yesterday morning we woke up to single digit temps. Today is supposed to be better, but still calls for snow and wind. It makes walking Petey a challenge. His double walnut sized brain thinks he can do the long walks, but his paws hurt, I know this - but getting him to comply and take the shorter route is a bear.

And it's all I can do to not scold my neighbors when I get an email to send to the entire neighborhood about their kitten who never came home the night before. WTF is a kitten doing out in sub-zero temps??? They should have that cutie taken out of their custody.  AND.....it came back, but then neighbors found it again hours later - meaning these assholes let him out......AGAIN.

Maybe I'll just steal the kitten next time I see it. Petey is interested in him.

Anyway, there looks to be little warm-up in the next week. 30 as the high (not counting wind) for the next seven days.


Song by: Bob Dylan


anne marie in philly said...

report those people to the SPCA. mean bastards!

sunday saw my fireplace get a good workout - the high was 27F. I agree - winter is here too damn early.

Mark in DE said...

Its a common challenge, trying to get dogs to 'do their business' when its so cold outside. Poor little Marvin stepped across the threshold and stopped in his tracks. He didn't even want to step off the porch!

Erik Rubright said...

Save the kitteh!!!

And move to the tropics. Where it doesn't get cold. I'm ready to do that same thing.