Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Site of the Month

Oh, it's that time - though I think "of the month" is becoming less of a sure thing.

Maybe it's a good thing that my 'stand-by' posts are not needed, but now and again, it is good to bring them back.

But like two or three weeks ago with My Music Monday, this SotM is being brought to you by Meredity.

I'd say, she might just want to write my blog, but then I remembered she has a blog that she started two years ago and has been dormant for the last 2-3 posts, so........maybe that's not a the best idea.

Anyhoo...Dith sent me to Head's Up Now, because of Blobby Robby.

Honestly, I don't know why she'd be at the site in the first place, let alone how she might stumble upon Blobby Robby.

As she said in her text to me: "these things just write themselves sometimes...".

But they don't. I do. And it's work, people. WORK!

Here is Blobby Robby's description:

A squishy fellow who is about 4 inches across. He is all smiles, with stretchy arms, legs & hair thrown in. Squeeze him to your hearts content to get some sensory feedback. He goes right back to his original rolly, poly shape. He has a soft feel to him. 

I saw that and figured, yeah - that's me. Except for the hair.

Then I first saw 4", I was all like "Bitch, please!"   ...but then I saw that it said 4" across and I went, "yeah - that's about right!"  It's all about the girth, folks.

And I'm not all squishy.  {wink}


anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahahaha! :)

dith said...

It is work. And I just like to see my name in print.