Friday, November 01, 2013

If I Were a Carpenter

Years ago, I was driving from Ohio State to a workshop at Kenyon College.

These are not major roads one takes to get to Gambier, Ohio, so naturally, I got stuck behind some traffic.  Not a lot, but all it takes is one to slow down everyone else.

I got behind some car that had a bumper sticker.

I am not too proud to admit this next part, as I had never seen this bumper sticker before. ....and it was an early Saturday morning, no doubt after a long drunken Friday night.

So, the sticker said:  My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter

I guess what I'm not too proud to admit was not getting it.

For miles I drove behind reading and rereading it in my head and out loud - as I was the only one in my car.

Who cares what your boss does or his religion?, I thought to my head and out loud.

I'm guessing it was at mile seven that I went "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it".

I remember telling my friend Jeremy the story a few years ago and while he just rolled his eyes at me, I know he found it amusing though he'd rather die than admit it.

So imagine how fucking hard I laughed when he texted me the picture last night of how he was dressing up for Halloween.

Best. Selfie. Ever.

...and I told him so.

And you just know I'm not getting any credit when he goes to that party.

Song by:  Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash


Jim said...

I thought your were going to blog about a remake album of some old Carpenter songs. The album is titled: If I Were a Carpenter"

Mark in DE said...

I've seen the same bumper sticker. I got it right away and believe I rolled my eyes. Hope I don't burn eternally for that.

Ur-spo said...

My friend's bumper sticker says "J had two daddies"