Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weather Storm

Well {possible} crap.

This is {potentially} coming.

Since I am drafting this the night before, I could {potentially} wake up to 1-3" of snow tomorrow morning.

No biggie.

...and another {possible} 3-5" during the day.

Well, that would suck.  8" of snow before Thanksgiving. Yuck.

We have done most of the winterizing.  One more set of storm doors to get into the dinging room french doors. It would have been done, but.......well, Blobby tried putting one in, the screen door popped open as I was putting the glass-insert into place and the glass {and Blobby} went flying.

No glass shattered, and more importantly, no glass shattered into Blobby's open palm. However, I did break some of the surrounding wood and put a huge crack into the glass.

Anyhoo....that storm hasn't been fixed or fitted.

And while I got the majority of leaves up Sunday and Monday, well......two trees are still hanging on to theirs....and no snow stakes have been placed in the ground as of yet.

I made 710 get the snow-blower ready when he came home last night, so if we do indeed get up to 8" (hehehe.....of snow people....of snow) I can clear the drive way.

I'm not ready for this yet.  Hopefully it's all meteorologist hoo-ha and they're wrong about their predictions.  Still, that upper radar picture is not pretty and it's been pouring since about 15:00. It was an ugly evening walk with Petey, but we kept it short to make sure his lungs stay clear.....or continue to clear. He's not happy about that.

So, maybe it's the beginning of the Winter season*.  Maybe it's a weather blip. I guess we shall see.

It still sucks.

*Winter does not officially begin for 39 more days

Song by:  Massive Attack


Anonymous said...

I hope you guys are going to be okay. We're getting hot weather on Wednesday, but don't get jealous. That 97 degree temperature will come with Santa Ana winds, so I'm praying there's no brush fires in the back country in the next few days or else I might be posting on Twitter via WiFi on the road somewhere.

Mark in DE said...

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I hope you don't get 8".