Friday, November 08, 2013


Baring any surprises, today, Hawa'i should become the 16th state (plus Washington DC) to have marriage equality.

2013 has been a banner year for progress in the terms of same-sex marriage rulings, with New Jersey and Illinois recently joining the ranks - even if some of it had more kicking and screaming than other states.

That along with earlier rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 - again, this year is one for the history books.

EDNA will most likely not be part of that progress, as it is unlikely that John Boehner will allow the discussion to even come up in the House, let alone given the chance to have it voted on.

Even if the Valencia crybaby allows it, it's doubtful there are enough votes to pass it currently.  That's a shame.

I would venture to say that most of my readers know the difference between same-sex rulings, DOMA and EDNA.

I would also venture to guess that the rest of the U.S. population does not fall into that understanding group.  I'm not sure they know where one stops and where the other one starts and how (or if) any of them are intertwined...........except for their mind only.

Having religious provisions strapped to ENDA, which the Senate thankfully rejected to include, is insane. Or, on the other hand, if it's a deal breaker, then make every other equality measure on the books subject to those same religious guidelines.

I dare ya!

And whatever you do, do NOT read comments on ENDA articles posted on sites like CNN or the likes. It never starts well anyway, and the deterioration is horrid.   .....and it always just goes on pedophilia and the transgendered community, as if I can only be fired in Ohio if I'm pre or post op.

Here's a newsflash:  I have no interest in changing my gender, or in your kids.....or anyone else' any capacity.

But I can still get my pink slip just for being gay. You think the religious right would stand for it if they got their security escort out of the building for being a christian?

Oh wait, they think homosexuality is a choice, but so is religion, so the similarity should still stand (even though homosexuality is not a choice....but work with me here).

As for same-sex marriage - I'm so so so so so so so so so so so tired of the one man / one woman argument. SO tired.

Besides it never ever ever being clear in the "bible" on this, don't tell me that some things in the bible are open for interpretation (infidelity, stoning your wife, slavery, blah blah blah) and some things are not. And if that is the case for progress  - show me the data.  Show me the written word of the lord, where it tells me - and better yet, you! - when those changes came, and why.

I want someone tracking each and every fucking one of the Senate and House on their attendance at church, since they are so fucking hellbent on upholding the bible more than the constitution. And I want each and every one of those to sit down with that constitution and go over it line by line with me and show me where christian edicts are put into it. Assuming they know the document at all.

Yeah, I have my panties in a wad today.....what of it?

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Pac said...

"Oh wait, they think homosexuality is a choice, but so is religion, so the similarity should still stand (even though homosexuality is not a choice....but work with me here)."

Logic escapes them. Like when they get upset when comparisons are made between the LGBT struggle for equality with the black civil rights movement. Because, they say, one is a choice while the other isn't. Whenever this is said, what I hear is: "Being black against one's will is unfortunate, but choosing to be black would be wrong." (Or "disordered" or "evil" or "against god's will", what have you.)

Anonymous said...

As long as you're not wearing your panties (commando!) cause that would be really painful.

I wish everyone would point out every time that religion is a choice and that is why it is called faith. If you raised 10,000 babies and never told them one word about religion or sex you'd never see a catholic or jew or muslim or any other current religion but you would have about 8,000 gays/bisexuals.

Anonymous said...

ENDA, not EDNA (Garrett)

Ur-spo said...

I want to see a western state get equality.
Arizona would be nice.