Saturday, November 09, 2013

We All Feel Better in the Dark

Another week.  Another day of Petey Porn - with a little Sophie thrown in.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), it was an uneventful week in the life of one Mr. Pete. His pneumonia is getting better, though not completely gone, but as long as he progresses, there are no scheduled return visits to his doctor.

We have to limit the distance of his walks to help his lungs heal. It would have been nice to been told that a week ago, but we'll work with that information now. Petey likes the longer walks - in his brain - but his body suffers afterwards, so I'll do my best to redirect him to shorter routes.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Neighborhood Squirrel Patrol. 

Enemy v Enemy

On the way back from the vet - his follow-up visit. He's better, but still recovering. 

Autumn Whirlwind '13.  
I totally stole the idea from David and Ted. 

Autumn Whirlwind '12. 

Them There Eyes.

Chilling, after the vet, on a cold cold wet day. The animals have it right. 

Song by:  the Pet Shop Boys


anne marie in philly said...

thank the dogs for petey's improvement!

Raybeard said...

That doleful look has had reason to be there over recent days, but thankfully he's on the mend, even if it's a bit slower than we'd like to see.

Ur-spo said...

love that dog !