Monday, November 25, 2013

My Music Monday

Lordy 2013 was a questionable year for new releases. Not only did I not review something new for each month, I didn't even buy anything additional to what I did post for my Record of the Month.

Sad sad sad.

I'm hoping 2014 is a little better, but it almost has to be, right?

In January, one my my favourite artists,  Rosanne Cash, is coming out with her first album of original material in seven (plus) years with The River & the Thread.

Cash, while seemingly country in nature, one would be hard pressed to truly classify her in that genre. Americana is closer to the bucket. And that category probably shows more in her new record than her previous ones.

While Johnny was from Arkansas, Rosanne as born and raised in California. By her own admission, she only lived in Nashville for nine years - and has been in New York City for 20 odd since. But she's big on her heritage, all the way back to Scotland, where a lot of Appalachian music has its roots from there.

So with her father's side of the family being from the South, she opted to explore that aspect of music with this album.

Her first 'release' from the disk is "A Feather's Not a Bird". I'm really digging it.

Yes, it has that southern quality that made Bobbie Gentry (who Cash has been covering the last few years in concert) so great. I love how Cash's voice has actually gotten stronger over the years.

If her full album is anything like this song, I will be a happy man.

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Erik Rubright said...

Ooo... I'm digging her new song. Thank you!

Which reminds me, have you checked out anything by Diane Birch?