Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the Big Chair

No, not that electric chair kind of thing.

We bought a chair almost four years ago - which was a substantial purchase. Chairs, leather or not, are not cheap. That is assuming one, or both of us, could agree upon.

I was looking at chairs after I hurt my back and couldn't find a comfortable one to rest my weary bag of bones.

Yet one would expect an expensive chair to hold up longer than say, two and a half years, right? I mean, the leather is fine, but the seat cushion collapsed overnight about 18 months ago. For six of those months, I just let my fat, hairy ass sink to the base of the chair and lived with it.

But for the last 12 months, I've avoided the chair completely unless we had guests over. I'd sit there so they wouldn't have to sit in that shame.

Finally, I did something about it. Not expecting, or wanting a thing, from the store, I called just asking where the best and most reliable place in Cleveland would they suggest I go to get a new foam insert - as that was the only real thing that went bad.

A quick look-up from them told me that the cushion was under warranty, and that they would order a new one right away. That, I was not expecting.

I would have sworn they told me the leather was covered but the innards were not. Maybe it's the opposite, or maybe I got wrong info or maybe the front desk of the store eff'd up. Either way, I not only got a new insert for the butt part of the chair, but for the back as well.

The old backing is just fine, but I"ll put the new one away for a day when that deflates.

Here's the sad sad cushion. It never sprang back. I swear I'm not that heavy. 

And here is the new and improved version. I'm almost afraid to sit on it. 

I'm assuming you can all guess what has happened to the old insert?

Song by:  Tears for Fears


David G said... this the work of Petey?

anne marie in philly said...

petey's new doggie bed?

Mike said...

You have a plump seat.

Mark in DE said...

There is actually a good lesson in this. Rather than just complain and live with it, its better to call the retailer about the defect to see what if anything they can do.

How nice that Petey has a new filler for his bed! ;-)

Erik Rubright said...

You saved the insert for when you have company you want to get rid of in a hurry?