Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Big Chair

First off, don't think I don't know what this blog has become: a gripe session regarding my back.

But as they say, 'write what you know', and right now, this is all I'm knowin'. It was the same thing of multiple gym posts and travel posts as I go through those stages of my life. So bear with me - hopefully it won't last long - or forever.

To address Arnie's comment yesterday - yes, not doing all the things I want to do at the gym will drive me a little batty. I need to focus on the things I can do and not become complacent when my on-hold routines can be started. It's so easy to let that stuff go and not pick it up again.

To address Jon's comment about not being a compliant patient - ha! I will do PT, I know I will. I don't know when I'll start. I really would like a program that is addressing the cause of my pain though. But since Saturday I had little spasms here and there, I don't think I can not do it.

But now for a somewhat related, but totally separate post.

We've been in search mode for new chairs for our sunroom. Mind you - this has been a lackadaisical search for the last three years or so. Our current chairs are a bit worn and are a bit too cushy.

Here's the related part: with my back I need more support and less cush. And in the last few weeks, we've increased the expediency of this search.

And you know what? Finding a functional chair that looks half decent (not even fully decent) is that whole needle / haystack scenario.

But as of yesterday, I think we might have found one of them. Since we're not wedded to matching chairs, this one might just be mine. (and yes, the room within the store was actually called Hide N Seat. And no, they didn't have any recliners in that room, which was my assumption.)

I really don't know how to pick a chair in the first place. I fear that it feels great in the showroom but two weeks into having it that it's not all that.

Not only that, while I like the look of this chair, apparently there are almost 100 different kinds of leather and 40 kinds of apparel tacks (is that the right phrase?) you can pick from.

Seriously? I could never do that. I could never order something like this without seeing it. So if I get this chair, it will be just like the floor model.

And why the 'if'? Cost.

My g-d, these things are expensive. And of course, this is the most expensive chair I've seen. Is it worth it? I mean - it looks like it will last a lifetime, but still!

Denton's going to have to really talk me into this.

Song by: Tears for Fears


Birdie said...

Oh, you've got the right reader here. I'll email you what to look for in leather furniture. I used to sell it. Basics: top grain leather, eight-way hand tied springing. I highly recommend Hancock & Moore.

Larry Ohio said...

The chair is very attractive. Now what about your office chair? Make sure that gives you the support you need too.

A Lewis said...

Believe me, coming from one who suffers daily with lower back issues, I know how important a proper chair is. I am constantly moving, re-situating, changing positions, etc. Just to feel good.

tornwordo said...

We're still "looking" for dining room chairs. Since we have to agree on style and price, I foresee further years of indecision. The name of the store seems like it would be cute for about two minutes, then it just seems lame.