Saturday, February 06, 2010

I'm Looking Through You

So, the doc appointment is over. But then again, it's not. C'mon - no one thought it would be, right? One appointment? Get over yourselves.

No news is good news - right? Probably. And wouldn't you know it - the day of my appointment and it was the best day I had since the fall. Yeah, that should be great, but I wanted the doc to see the extent of my damage. I mean - I'm paying for this!

She put me through a series of evaluations of walking. Well, walking, prancing, mincing dancing know, the standards.

At one point she had me sit on that exam table and flex my feet. Oddly enough, that hurt my back. Nothing else did.

When going through my medical history she became very concerned about my "cured" cancer (is anyone ever really cured?). It never occurred to me that somehow the cancer had returned - 15 years later - and spread to my spine. Oddly enough - it did to her. It's great she's looking out for me that way, but in reality, I had to talk her through what kind of cancer it was, as she had never heard of it. ....but let's panic the patient anyway. Oy.

So, she came to the conclusion that it was probably not cancer related. Duh.

She offered me stronger pain meds that were not narcotic based, but I didn't bother with those. What was the point? Maybe I'll reconsider if the pain goes back to where it was and continues on. If not, then I'll do OTC stuff.

She prescribed x-rays (see image above) and physical therapy. I did the first task immediately. I let them irradiate my insides, just to continue my on-going sterilization process. But I didn't immediately bite at scheduling PT.

Personally, I would like to know what we're working with here. I think physician and the therapists would too. You can treat the ache, I suppose, but don't we really want to know the cause so we can tailor that to the targeted problem?

I'm supposed to go back in three weeks. Until then - I'm not allowed supposed to Spin or do Yoga. Pffffffffffffttt

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A Lewis said...

Umm hum. The unknown. The guesswork. The what-ifs. What do they know, anyway??! And no yoga or spin? You're gonna go crazy, man! Thinking of you. While the guesswork and sorting process continues.

Jonny said...

Ahhh...the non-compliant patient. A fave of medical professionals everywhere.