Thursday, February 18, 2010

Site of the Month

I know most of my SotM's are on the humorous side, but every now and again, I can go straight.
HA! Ok - within reason.

And while this is a non-funny site, it's far from being straight: Domestic Daddy.

....and he's cute. For a blonde!

He is kind of like a gay(er) Martha Stewart, without the pretension, the WASPy accent or the felony conviction. I'm assuming. That is the great thing about the can be anyone you want to be.

But like Martha, you can see in his bio he's no slouch and he's not like you and me. I'm assuming. I know I don't have a NYC apartment, a house on Long Island and another in San Francisco. Do you?

And if I had a new born (and thank g-d I do not!), I certainly wouldn't entertain 12 times the first month we had that kid. Hell, I don't even entertain a dozen times a year....sans kid.

Actually, the more I write this, the more I resent him and his website/life.

Oh g-d. I think he is just like Martha Stewart.

His stuff is mostly common sense, but it's still a neat little place to visit now and again.

1 comment:

Mutty said...

He's sorta cute but why would anyone want to be a gay martha stewart?

(And I really don't get the wanting babies thing - for anyone - but hey.)