Friday, February 26, 2010

Only in My Sleep

Is $100 too much to pay for a sleeping bag? I'm not actually getting one, I'm just asking.

Overall, I'd say "yes", but this one is special!!!!

It's a Tauntaun sleeping bag!!! How cool is this???

Let's say you're camping out on Hoth. You can sleep in this like Luke Skywalker would, so he wouldn't freeze to death. The inside of the bag has patterns of tauntaun intestines, just like the kind Luke Skywalker slept in, so he wouldn't freeze to death. The zipper is a light saber, so when you open it, it looks like it's splitting open the tauntaun so you can sleep in it (like Luke Skywalker) so you won't freeze to death!

Think Geek made it as a joke (and initially not for sale), but since there is money to be made, LucasFilms got involved and ok'd the project. I'm sure George Lucas had to approve it since he's probably living hand to mouth - the poor guy!

The "joke" is, kids are not buying it and most adults are not really buying it for their kids. They are buying it for themselves.

Think Geek.....indeed!!!

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Larry Ohio said...

Is the smell included?

Birdie said...

I am the proud of owner of products from ThinkGeek: an Annoy-a-tron and a Micro Spy Remote. Both products succeeded beautifully.

This one, however, will have to remain under the purview of other geeks.

cb said...

I'm totally getting one! I hear they keep a guy "luke warm" while sleeping...