Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bikur Moledet

Hey - today is Purim, the Jewish holiday almost made famous in For Your Consideration.
For those of you who did not see the movie, for the studio to make the movie within a movie more profitable, Home for Purim becomes Home for Thanksgiving.

Overall, it was the weakest of the Christopher Guest movies, but it was still serviceable. And it gives an incredibly brief synopsis of Purim - some of it included in this clip.

So enjoy the clip, as most of you won't be participating in the holiday.

Song by: David Broza


Birdie said...

I think my favorite Guest movie is "A Mighty Wind." I even own the soundtrack. His movies make an even greater impression when you realize that you're watching some of the finest improv ever done. The actors get only an outline of a scene, no rehearsal and maximum three takes. They're clearly having the time of their lives. Pure genius.

cb said...

I liked the film... especially for Catherine O'Hara. She is BRILLIANT!!

Blobby said...

I go back and forth on my favourite Guest film. I think it might be 'Waiting for Guffman', but I do like 'A Mighty Wind'.

I agree w/CB that O'Hara is indeed brilliant. I thought she should have been nominated for an Academy Award for 'Might Wind'. It was a funny, yet very nuanced performance.

But let's not leave out 'Best in Show'. She was great in that.

Still Parker Posey's audition in 'Guffman' is frickin' priceless.