Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lay Your Hands On Me

Physical Therapy is going fine - thank you for asking.

I'm into my second week and things are better, but I still have some pain or at least tightness. Adam, my big-nosed therapist, has been working one-on-one with me to get me back to "normal".

We are incorporating some yoga moves into my back stretching. Basically we're doing Cobra, and it seems to be working, along with the other few I've been doing. He had me walk on a treadmill for a bit too to see how that goes and so far so good.

I won't say Adam gave me a massage, but I did have to lay face down on one of those benches you see up top and he basically palpated my back and continues to apply more and more pressure to see if it caused any pain. It did not.

"But what nice strong hands you have, grandma...." Oh wait, that's a different story, though he was wearing red, as you can see.

Ok, it might not have been horribly ethical to take pictures of my therapist, let alone post them here, but......

Would you take a look at that schnoz? Isn't it beautiful., I'm not joking.

The pictures don't really represent well. He is better looking than this, and he's got a great smile. And then there are those strong hands. I'm ignoring that wedding ring - his and mine.

Song by: Thompson Twins


Larry Ohio said...

So Blobby has voyeuristic tendencies. Who woulda thunk it?

"Certain voyeuristic fantasies, urges and behavior patterns are classified as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association and a disorder of sexual preference," from

"Secret photography involves a person or persons being unaware that they are being intentionally photographed. It is sometimes called "covert photography", but this is a term used mostly among professional investigators.

This type of photography may happen in a variety of situations, such as: [...] Voyeuristic photography, often accompanied by erotic arousal in the photographer." from

Now that we're clear on that, yes, he's a little hottie :-)

Jonny said...

Wow...a picture w/o the subject's consent. Stalk much? Have you left his fridge full of doll heads? Taken a lock of his hair?