Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

Pee Wee is alllll over the place lately. Yayy for him. Yayyy for me.

I'm a huge Pee Wee fan. And you might remember from a long-time ago post, that I may have frequented a certain x-rated theatre that Mr. Wee was arrested in Sarasota, FL. Granted, I was 16 and sneaked into the place and this was a good 10-15 years before P.W. made his now famous trek there.

But Pee Wee is making his comeback. Conan. His stage show in Los Angeles. A potential new movie. And now, Funny or Die.

I still wish I liked FoD better. Like some of their stuff, this video had potential. Much more. And is it just me, or is Clocky and Globie's voice different? Possibly Magic Screen too. It's disconcerting.

But the iPad is a bit disconcerting too. It's like a big version of the Newton with a little iPhone in there too.

Normally, I'm pretty much pro all-things Apple, but I'm not rushing out to get this. Not first generation - that's for sure.

Song by: Paul Young


Birdie said...

Yeah, I'm kinda underwhelmed with the iPad. I was in love with the idea of iPad, but the fact that it is basically a giant iTouch with so many basic functions missing that I'm gonna wait. Apparently its real appeal is going to be with college text publishers and their student customers.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for Apple to unlock their allegiance to AT&T for the iPhone.

Larry Ohio said...

Pee Wee totally delivered on Conan's show. I saw him come out and said, "Oh God please let him do well" and he blasted it out of the park. I just love his character.

rebecca said...

I'm sad that it was pointed out to me that he was arrested for possessing child porn. Sort of takes the fun out of it all, doesn't it?

Blobby you're right, all the voices are different, I think. Even PW is sounding a bit like Creed...

anne marie in philly said...

yep, the voices ARE different! but PW rocks! he hasn't aged a bit!

oh yeah, F the i-pad!