Friday, February 05, 2010

Heal the Pain

It has been one month and four days since I fall down and go boom. The pain in my rear has neaped and ebbed, but mostly it neaps and stays neaped.

I'm not complaining exactly, I'm just saying.

I've cut down on my gym routine, but I have not abandoned it. Since I don't know what in that routine continues to aggravate my back, I'm weeding things out of said routine and at one time or another scaled back on either cardio, spinning, lifting or yoga to see who/what the culprit might be. It is now safe to assume all of it complicates the back in one form or another.

So what's a guy to do?

Oh yeah. See a doctor.

That happens today - at 07:40. I'm headed to the Spine Clinic to see what can be done with my sore, aging body. My guess is nothing other than physical therapy, but we'll see. We'll see.

But as I was lifting yesterday (yes, I was. shut up), I thought to myself: maybe this is it. Maybe I'm of that age where I just have a bad back. Forever.

In certain ways, I'm a realist or fatalist. But in this regard, I had this minor-epiphany. This had never crossed my mind. Then I thought to myself, 'crud' ....and then finished my workout, showered and drove to work.

All day, my pain had ebbed. I kind of want it to hurt for the doc, but that's just crazy talk.

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Larry Ohio said...

Blobby = Old Fart? No!!!

You are one month into a three-month healing process. Don't get all depressed about it now.

cb said...

God let's hope not!!