Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slapstick Heart

Two hearts beat as one - so says U2, back when they weren't corporate tools.

The two hearts that got these two pieces of candy were my cousins, David and Bill. I thought it would be fun to ask them to be my valentine.

I did it at lunch the other day - and they accepted!!! Those boys (43 and 63 respectively) are crazy-ass motherfuckers. Sorry for going blue.

I'm not a horribly shy or mute person - ask just about anyone. But getting a word in edge-wise with those two is a frickin' chore. It's a good thing they make it fun to listen to them and that they are funny.

Oh, the poor waitress and anyone sitting around us. The conversation was (and always is) borderline inappropriate at best. Let's just say it started out with David asking Bill how his Viagra was doing - and then it deteriorated from there.

I got a kick out of David addressing Bill and saying, "you know, your brother....". He never said, "you know, my father.....". Like he was distancing himself from that relationship. Naturally I pointed it out, more to Bill's amusement than David's - not that he was offended or anything.

David really wants to see my parents again, but I just don't know how that would all go down. I don't mind David at all - actually, I love him and how he is. But if my parents think I'm a bit much (and they do), I don't know how they'd take him - and I don't think David has a self-censor mode and would be what my parent's might have issues with.

But enough of that for now. It's valentine's day - enjoy it. I have mine, they just happen to be my cousins.

Song by: Sam Phillips

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Birdie said...

Everyone loves a good bromance. Yours are a hoot.