Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York

I hate it when my friends do not think I'm as funny as I do.

....and for the record, none of my friends think I'm as funny as I think I am. Bastards!

Case in point: I was traveling last week to a town which had the same name as a friend I have known for 18 years. Since we live 2200 miles away, we don't see each other that often, or even email as much as we should. Oddly enough, I keep in contact with his partner more than the friend himself (thanks Facebook!)

Now, I've said in the past, I have some friends with really good names - Denton (whom you may have heard of now and again), Ivor, Hillel and Hunter. Not a foreigner in the bunch, either. And then there is York. Somewhere in this blog-thingy, I went through how I met him and how Morty and I were trying to understand that this was indeed his name - and his first name at that.

So knowing I was going to York, PA for the day, I pack the digital camera just in case I had some free time. It turns out I could have had more, had I known the returning flight would have had "mechanical difficulties" and been delayed for two hours.

But I still got some good shots to just "torture" the man with for the next few days. These are just a sampling of what I took, because as it seems, almost nothing is named in this town that doesn't start with his name....or the name of the city, I suppose.

I was hoping for a Theodoric of York Barber Shoppe, but I couldn't find one. Dang.

On this last pic, I happened to snap with my iPhone as I was walking back with a client I was visiting. I tried to be sly about it and all but I was caught and he asked what I was doing. Busted!

So, I told him my story and plan. He LOVED it. He loved it even more when he found out York's name was his first name and not last. He'd never heard of that. I mean, who has? It was a great bonding moment with a client. Who knew?

So this guy drags me across the street to the York Chamber of Commerce to see what there is to see. Unfortunately, not a whole heck of a lot. Some brochures and that's it. I should have searched for a t-shirt, but thought I didn't have time.

But it turns out that they actually do make York Peppermint Patties here. And York barbells. And they have the largest Harley-Davidson manufacturing plant in the U.S. - which doesn't say "York" and really ties into nothing in this post.

So, over the last few days I've been randomly been sending a pic or two to the Y-man and getting NO response. WTF?

I went way way way out of my way to do this!!! I even cc'd his partner on the emails and been getting nothing.

All I can say is - they had better be stuck under some kind of rock and not have access to their iPhones under said rock!

Luckily, I won't be visiting any towns named Morty, Becky, Meredith or Jon! I'm not going through this whole rigamarole thingy and not get at least the cursory "LOL" (or "ROR", in our case).

I guess I could go to Denton, TX.

Song by: Prozzak


Birdie said...

I figured I was pretty safe from such an exercise, so I entered my first name on Google Maps. Uh-oh. There's a tiny town in nowhere Kentucky bearing my first name. Who knew?

Larry Ohio said...

Great story, but you lost me at the very end. I had to spend time trying to figure out the ROR reference. I think I found it in the last line below. That fits you.

Acronym Definition
ROR Ruby on Rails
ROR Reach Out and Read (national pediatric literacy program)
ROR Rate Of Return
ROR Rotate Right
ROR Retinoic Acid Receptor
ROR Rise of Rome (Microsoft supplement to Age of Empires game)
ROR Rules of the Road
ROR Rate of Rise
ROR Revolutions On Request (artist group; Finland)
ROR Return on Relationships (value of relationship marketing)
ROR Range-Only Radar
ROR Raffing Out Roud (Laughing Out Loud in Scooby Doo voice)

(I sure hope the formatting copies over in the comment)

Blobby said...

per Larry:

Eons ago Becky pointed me towards a ficitional IRC chat between Suddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il - which was hilarious.

But KJL would do ROR instead of LOL. See to be totally un-PC, it is the asian version of LOL.

anne marie in philly said...

"I was hoping for a Theodoric of York Barber Shoppe, but I couldn't find one. Dang."

damn, I was thinking the same thing!

nothing to see in york...keep moving...

MEREdith said...

Stupid York, ruining it for the rest of us. I woulda loved it.