Monday, February 08, 2010

Honey Don't

Oh - no no no no no no no!

Where are the fashion police when you need them??? Was it permissible of me to make a citizen's arrest?

This stunning display of fashion and womanhood was shopping yesterday on Super Puppy Bowl Sunday!!! (way to make me nervous the first half, Saints!)

Need I remind you that I/we live in Northeast Ohio? Need I tell you that 21 was our high temperature for the day? Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Oh, and we had hit that high about 8 hours before this picture was taken.

Lest you think she has a coat/wrap/long-sleeved shirt of any kind in her shopping cart, or being carried by her equally inappropriately dressed male "companion", I can safely confirm she did not.

Well, at least her wrist tattoo isn't completely skanky. Ok - maybe I'm just being nice.

Song by: the Beatles


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That's a great price on Entenmann's!