Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Shirt

Yesterday I did one of the more extravagant things I have ever done for myself: I ordered three custom dress shirts!

Made to order. Not Maid to Order. That was a horrid horrid movie with Ally Sheedy and Michael Ontkean, that you will see some morons rated as 4.5 stars on amazon. Jon will try to deny it, but we actually saw it at the Olentangy cinemas. I have no idea what we were thinking. We were probably still riding high on her performance in Short Circuit.

Normally, I'd never do something like this - the movie or the shirts - but it was kind of for a good cause. A local um....tailor? men's shoppe? haberdasher? was doing this in association with Big Brothers.

It's not Big Brother, that Kenneth on 30 Rock does work for. “Oh, Big Brother isn’t affiliated with the mentoring program. It’s an organization that secretly watches people and makes sure they’re behaving properly."

No, this is actually Big Brothers/Big Sisters. One of my co-workers, and former boss, is the chairman of the local organization. He's a great guy and it was hard to say 'no'. And it was a decent deal.

The first shirt was only $45 - and hell, it's custom made. And half the price goes directly to the BB/BS organization - so it's almost like I'm paying $23 for the shirt. Any additional shirts were slightly more, but still half the cost going to the mentoring program.

I got measured to within an inch of my life - neck, arms, waist, chest, wrists...blah blah blah. Then got to pick my collar, pleat, pocket and cuff types. I opted for no monogramming on the sleeve. I'm not that guy.

So I got a really one nice white shirt, a beautiful blue one, and then went way out there and picked a deep purple (eggplant, if you will) that had white pin stripes. The last one seems like I'll look totally pimped out. It will be harder to coordinate that with suits and such, but something I didn't ever have nor could easily find in a store.

I guess I've come into my own. I don't know I'll be able to go back bought shirts!

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


Larry Ohio said...

Can't say no to the co-workers, huh? What about Girl Scout cookies? I get hit up every year, but I don't even try to say no. I just buy, buy, buy!

Make sure you model the shirts for us when you get them, especially the purple one.

tornwordo said...

I foresee French manicures in your future.

Birdie said...

I expect pictures.

Morty said...

The TJ Maxx clearance bin is my custom tailor.

anne marie in philly said...

I second larry and birdie...we wanna see handsome!