Sunday, January 31, 2010

Site of the Month

I was stumped as to what to do regarding my SotM. Clearly.

I mean, I waited until that last day of the month to even slip it in (that's what she said!).

David G provided me a site that neither of us, at first could tell was real or not, but the more I delved into it, I came to the conclusion it was not. And not only that, to be a farce-like site, well then it just didn't come across as all that funny. ....and you know I try to be about the funny.

So David J provided me with another site, his. Not by permission exactly, but what the hell. I think he'd forgive me. And while he's funny, his site is not, nor is it meant to be.

David is a photographer by trade. Not an S&M (stand and model) kind of photog, but I guess, the closest term you can say, is that he does architectural photography.

Yes, as you can see on top, he does food. And while Jon and I used to joke we could be a food photographer, when you see David's work, it's more like art. It's not like you're looking at the Sizzler menu. He sent me the carrot photo (along with others) a few months ago, and I'm still really taken by it: the angle, the crispness of the shot.

Poor Cleveland Typewriter is now gone. It's now a Dollar Store. Sad sad sad. But typewriters are gone too. As falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls. I'm glad he captured the image before that went away.

Mostly David does the architectural side of the biz. Basically he takes interior and exterior shots of businesses and again, they skew toward the side of art. You can also see (not from his gallery) where if those got put into a tri-fold brochure for his client(s), how they might lose their impact and well....artiness.

He's a great guy and a talented photographer. And I'm not just saying that because he's my cousin.


Larry Ohio said...

I explored his site a little and have to say wow! great photos! I wish I had a better eye for photography, and a better camera too.

I remember seeing the Cleveland Typewriter building all the time, but I cannot remember where exactly it was. Was it on Carnegie Ave. or Cedar Road?

A Lewis said...

What a cool carrot shot!

I can see that he has the same eye I would...for the nonstandard, atypical. I love doing new stuff!

rebecca said...

Ooh, nice pics!