Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Can Change

You would think with all I've done in the last 12-13 months or so, that I'd be one to embrace change. Or at least not cringe at it.

Yet here I was in yoga for the first time since my fall in 2010, struggling through a workout because of the pain, or worse, the potential pain in my butt.

I also had a new yoga mat to try out - one that Santa had brought me. It's thicker than your standard, and heavy! Much harder to lug around. But since it's thicker, it's easier on an old man's knees. That gym floor is unforgiving. (hint: do not leave the mat in the back seat of your car for days in below freezing temps. It is cold to lay on and do poses on.) But back to my first class of the year.....

I had it all figured out, of course. I'd tell my instructor what had happened, position myself in the back of the class and near the door. If I had to leave, then I would just have to leave.

Then something happened to which I did not anticipate: a new instructor.

I turned to a yoga-buddy, whom I only know as Matt (no Becca, not Nurse Matt). Lawyer Matt. Matt is taller than I by a good 2-3" and obviously has had his share of injuries as he struggles with some poses due to said injuries, which are not visible, but neither are mine. We bonded during our struggles when starting our practice.

I turned to him and I says to him I says....."change!!....I don't like change!". He nods and says, "me either!". Thank g-d, at least we're both in the same boat. Albeit one that is taking on water and in danger of capsizing, but still, we wouldn't die alone.

Deanna was a lot more new age-y than Barrie. Barrie is a giggler and talker. Deanna is just a talker talker. She ignored the fact that it was "yoga basics" and said in her basic class, she starts out with headstands.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. That was SO not happening. Oh, and she was dead serious.

But the class was less than basic compared to Barrie and more of a 'flow' class. A more advanced class if you will. I've been a-scared to go to a flow class because I felt I'm not ready. I no longer am sure of this.

At one point Deanna came over and tried to position me and I told her I could not because of my tailbone. She asked how long I had done something to it and I lied! I said two weeks ago, when in reality it was less than a week prior.

Why lie, you ask? Because I knew the answer she'd have given me. The same one you guys do. That it's too early to do these things.

For those who haven't practiced yoga (wow, that made me sound like a douche), it's not supposed to be about the ego. It is supposed to be about your practice (now new-ageyisms for you) and what you can do and to know your limits regardless of what the instructor says/does.

Even with my limitations and struggles during the 60 minutes, I do think the workout helped me - at least for a while.

Change wasn't horrible. It was work for two reasons: there was less explanation and more movement and oh yeah, that tailbone thingy impeding me from doing a number of things to the best of my ability.

Once I get into my work routine, I'll get into a new yoga routine too. It's time to move one and challenge myself. I hope Matt is up for it - I'd hate to go it alone, but in reality, that's what it's all about in that yoga world.

Song by: Belinda Carlisle

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A Lewis said...

I'm an admirer. Of you. Of anybody who puts forth the effort, to face the challenge. Even in our aging years! Hugs. I'm back at it as well.