Friday, January 01, 2010

Light Years

Man, how many of this kind of post have I done? Six? Seven? Maybe only Five? - as those first years of blogging were sporadic.

But another year come and gone. I'm sure there are something to show for it - and somethings not. That is the way it goes, eh?

I'll get it out right now - I missed my 12 movies goal by one. I had the opportunity to go last evening and bailed. I don't think it was fear of succeeding that did me in - it was going out on New Year's Eve that was a bit daunting. That, and after almost a full day of work (I know, right?) and then my workout, I kind of took a nap. I don't think the late night and drinking the day before helped matters.

Years ago, we would have called this a "disco nap", but it has been years since I've seen the insides of a disco. I guess we can call it 12 if you allow me the fact that I saw Harry Potter twice. But that might be cheating the non-existent rules - you know, kind of like Tiger Woods' marriage.

And ya know? 2009 didn't suck. We are employed. We have our health. We have our good good friends. Our families are all still around. We have two great cats (I am not the crazy cat guy, I swear).

I blogged every day of the year. Obama could have been better his first year, but he is still better than Shrub (a name you haven't heard in this blog for about a year!). We went to Mexico with Morty and George - which was great. I got a new job, and while not ideal, it helped me advance to the new opportunity I am taking on Monday. I got the gym, and while that seems a bit all-consuming to you guys some days, I like the routine (shock!) and the results are showing, if not in weight loss, then in muscle gain.

I know for more weight loss, I have to change my eating habits. OUR eating habits. I don't think if you're in a household only one person can be successful - it has to be communal change, or there is too much temptation. But I also am not jonesing to give up wine or sugar, or carbs for that matter.

As always, I don't really have any resolutions. I will try to see 12 movies this year. I will look at changing my work-out routine. I feel I've plateaued on a number of levels and the new job might give me some opportunities to - get this - hit the gym more often than I already do and have shorter and concentrated workouts. A trainer might be in my future. Not all the time, just to teach me some new stuff.

These are not resolutions. I'm not even sure they're goals.

We also have plans for 2010. Travel. Some celebrations. Hell, maybe we'll get mallied in DC (mallied? yeah - mallied! sheeeesh!). It's on the table. And it didn't even come from me!

But to all of you - hope your 2009 was good and that 2010 will be as good or better.

Crap. someecards was right. I do sound optimistic. Yikes!

Song by: Pearl Jam


Kevin said...

Well you could always come and get mallied in CT! We would love to have ya.

Birdie said...

I saw on JMG that you committed to another year of daily posts! That makes us optimistic. You know, you try to make yourself look curmudgeonly, but you're not fooling anyone.

A Lewis said...

Hey, my 2009 was pretty good too....I met you...right???

Larry Ohio said...

Happy New Year Blobby :-)

Mutty said...

Congratulations! :-)

cb said...

YOu saw less than 12 movies this past year??? Seriously??