Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Plane Went Down

If you read any blog or on-line news paper, you know that the UScare plane that landed in the Hudson River just over a year ago is up for auction: As Is. Slight water damage. And you have to buy it intact - not just pieces of it.

"Just show me the PlaneFax!"

No engines though. WTF? How am I gonna fly that thing if it's got no power.

But "they" have just released video of the little plane that could after everyone was safely off the vessel and it sat and slowly sank in the Hudson for days afterward. Time-lapsed, of course. I found it highly interesting to watch the process.

I even liked the Howard Shore - like / Lord of the Rings - like accompanying music.

Song by: Shawn Colvin


Larry Ohio said...

That's a really cool vid. I'll tell you what... You can take the plane, and I'll take the pilot. Repeatedly.

A Lewis said...

Holy Smokes! What a wild show......I'm so thankful I wasn't working on that flight, that aircraft, that day.