Monday, January 18, 2010


Here I thought I was doing so much better with my back.

The week in Nashville started out as sore as when I left Cleveland, but the pain dissipated a bit as Monday turned into Thursday.

Yes, it's true I worked out each of those days, but the just 30-45 minutes of elliptical and a little lifting, but nothing more than 40 lbs. And that all seemed to do the trick. Well, not the trick, but it didn't completely aggravate the situation.

So yesterday I woke up to almost tear-inducing pain. I think it was a three-pronged approach to how I got this way.

One was, I didn't work out on Friday morning. Work started early and I had no time to stretch the back at all.

Two was the plane rides. While the seats weren't horrible uncomfortable, I could feel a little seizing up of the lower back by the time I got off the two-legged flight, and then again on Saturday morning when I woke.

I should say this, the tailbone is much better. It's the lower back that is not. Someone (I cannot remember who) mentioned I was probably over-compensating with the lower back to help relieve pain in the tail bone. They are probably right. But it brings me to the third prong:

I worked out on Saturday morning. Yes, I don't doubt I pushed my limits, but all seemed good. I did my first spin class in almost a month and it felt good. I do think my issues came with the weight room and possibly with some yoga stretching I did. It's hard to say.

I am not looking to be chastised here. I'm not really looking for sympathy either. I know I over did it. Clearly. My back is screaming it - so I don't need anyone else to. My new health plan kicks in 2-3 weeks, so I will be able to see the doctor of my choice and yes, I am holding out until then to see someone, unless it gets to the point I cannot walk.

There are some plus sides to this, I suppose. I can't carry the laundry basket up or down stairs, so "someone" has to assist. I can't easily bend over to pick some stuff up, so "someone" has to help clean for me.

But I know I will not be at the gym this week. I can't see how I would. Which means no SpinFest on Saturday, though I promised to go - so I will give all the money I would have raised. Fudge.

So here I sat all Sunday, with a heating pad on my lower back, acting like a cranky old man. Ok - so maybe it's not an act. I thought I'd say it before any of you did.

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Larry Ohio said...

Oh Blobby, I don't envy you one single bit. I know the pain you are going through, believe me, and I know there's not a whole lot you or anyone else can do.

I'm sure you already know this: keep a good posture at all times. Sit in a straight-back chair. Office chairs are notoriously bad for your back, so bring in your own chair to work if you have to. Don't slouch on a couch. And a little light stretching before you get out of bed may help.

Ibuprofen is your friend. Can you get your hands on an antispasmodic? If not, weed is known to have antispasmodic properties.

Morty said...

Poor baby. The tip I still follow after my herniated disk episode is to lie on my back in bed as much as possible. I never did, but it's better for your spine, and I've not had any problems with the lower back since I started that.

A Lewis said...

I remember arriving in Berlin after a 20 hour plane ride. I was just like you....out of commission.

I always have a pillow or jacket or shirt rolled up behind my lower back...always. And then I typically try to stretch and stretch and all of that BEFORE my plane rides....all of the yoga for lower back stuff comes in very handy.

I'm so sorry. I also keep pain killers and muscle relaxers on hand just in case (shh...don't tell).