Friday, January 08, 2010

Snowed Under

...maybe 'under' is a slight exaggeration, but I'm already annoyed with the snow and it's only early January.

But we are getting snow....and snow....and snow.

My 15 minute commute last night took an hour. It really wasn't that bad out, but people are asswipes who try to make it through the intersection and cannot - thus blocking one or two sequences of light changes.

Then it happens the opposite direction. Then repeat over and over.

I know Cleveburgh is cash-strapped, but this snow (a possibility of 9" by this morning) was predicted, surprisingly accurately for a day. Yet not one salt truck or plow was seen from my office window as the snow started falling at noon. Nor did I see one at 5pm, nor at 6pm - or at 8pm, after yoga.

And yes, it was I who had to come home and clear the driveway.......again.

I will be attempting to make it into work this morning. But if not, I have my laptop and can work from home. Me and the cats - but I do want to try to make it into the office. As it is, I'll be traveling all next week.

Song by: Keane

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