Monday, January 04, 2010

Return to Me

Today is the day.

New job starts this very morn. Old office of a year ago, but new job, new boss, new responsibilities. I might take my old desk back - as no one has occupied since my departure a year ago.

It is a 25th floor view of a crappy landscape, so I guess I could change desks if I wanted to. No one would care. And I don't really need to sit with my old cohort (not that there's anything wrong with them), but I'm no longer in their division.

Actually, in the Cleveland office, I might be the only one in my division. It's possible there is one other. The rest are spread out between Philadelphia and Nashville - and a few others around the U.S.

Looks like it will be crappy commute day - for day one, anyway. Single digit temps, not including wind chill....and probably lots of snow. But it's all good.

I got exactly like 24 hours off between jobs. I worked a bit cleaning up stuff Sunday morning at the old office and getting things taken care of - then turned in my key, locked my door and left for the last time.

So I'm back. That's the plan. I may or may not tell you how it's going - and if I do, not in detail. This ain't a work blog - but you know that already.

Song by: Chris Isaak


Nik_TheGreek said...

Good luck on your first day!
You sound a bit stressed (as expected). It'll be OK though... You'll see

Larry Ohio said...

Good Luck Blobby. Tell us how your old tailbone makes out.