Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hain't It Funny?

I have yet to weigh in on Conan vs Leno. Is there really a competition here?

Jay was doing stand-up eons ago about the complexities on how to program a VCR. Hilarious!!!! {sarcasm} Oh he was an everyman comic. Everyman who had an IQ of 12.

Crimmeny, the man was a bore 25-30 years ago. Stick him behind a desk to interview Sharon Stone on Basic Instinct 3-D and I'd rather you gouge my eyes out than watch him.

Actually, if he had all the most interesting people in the world on, I doubt I'd tune in, I find him such an insufferable bore.

And while I think Conan sold his soul to become the host of the lamest longest-running talk show ever, I will always give him props as a writer of some of the best Simpson's episodes ever, including Marge vs the Monorail.

Still, I think he got the raw end of a deal - even with a $32m pay-out. It is his non-disparaging that is a disappointment. That's where his comedy strength lies, as you/he/NBC can finally see from his now impressive ratings.

I still don't watch The Tonight Show, rarely ever did even in the Johnny Carson days. But I've been seeing some clips of Conan in the last few weeks and he has been on his game.

The other day had more potential, but it was just ok. Still everything is better with Conan and Pee-Wee (seriously, does Paul Rubens not look a day older when he does P.W.?).

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Larry Ohio said...

I feel sorry for both of these guys. The real a-hole in all of this is Jeff Zucker, NBC's president.

I think Zucker still resents Conan for a big fight they had 25 years ago when attending Harvard together.

Jay should just retire now and avoid the embarrassment of getting such bad ratings that NBC actually cancels the Tonight Show entirely.

cb said...

If Jay hadn't been greedy to stay in the limelight, this would all be just a dream.

A deliciously scandalous dream.

Birdie said...

You know the best late-night talk show host currently on the air? (You really can't compare any of them to Carson.) Craig Ferguson is sharp, hilarious, a good interviewer and a gentleman*. He should have the 11:30 slot.

*He has a monologue on YouTube where he explained why he would not be joking about Brittany Spears when she was having an emotional breakdown. It included a moving and funny story of his addiction to alcohol. You should try to find it.

Dith said...

Birdie---couldn't agree more.

CF makes me laugh. The other 2 not at all.

anne marie in philly said...

jay leno is a hater.

the clip with pee-wee herman made me pee-wee myself laughing; and you are correct, he has not aged one molecule in all these years!