Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shock the World

It's funny - I didn't even have to doctor the photo for my own blog purposes. It's not like I'm proficient enough at photoshoppe to do too much with it anyway, if I even had the inclination or the time.

But yesterday I bought what is seemingly my annual pair of earbuds from Apple.

Years ago, when this first began, I was annoyed with this whole thing but after the umpteenth pair, you just see it as depreciated capital that needs to be replaced. ...or you might just see it as me funding one of Steve Jobs' alternative therapy treatments for his "liver cancer".

Granted, I use my earbuds a lot, but a pair a year? Really? That's all they last?

This last pair died a two-part death actually. See those little grey rubber-like things right below the white bud part (and above the wire part)? That separated a bit on both the left and right side and every now and again the exposed wires would actually shock me.

I'm assuming I'm not the only one this has happened to or someone else wouldn't have manipulated this image and posted it where some two-bit blogger might find it and use it for his own gain.

It is not like I was getting car-battery shocks, or sticking a fork in the outlet kind of jolt. Just little zaps here and there, and then only now and again. Annoying, but not enough to ditch the things. Or was it?

About two weeks ago, I've "misplaced" them. Honest. They're not in my gym bag, or my computer bag or any of my suit or pants pockets. I really don't know where they are or could be. I've been using my iPod Shuffle earbuds!!!! That's a bigger shock!

It is worse than it sounds. I used them like they were my iPhone ones. I can't tell you how many times I answered the phone while wearing them, only to figure out 20-30 seconds into the call that no one could hear me, as only the iPhone buds have a mic.

So yes, yesterday, I drove to the Apple store and plunked down my cash let them swipe my Amex card for my annual installment. It had to be done. How else am I going to listen to my tuneage?

Song by: Tom Tom Club


Breenlantern said...

I've replaced mine several times throughtout the last 2 years, mostly due to my own negligence: i step on them or somehow get them snagged and pull them and ruin them one way or another - but they're the only earphones I like so they're the only ones I'll use...

Birdie said...

If you want astonishing sound quality, I highly recommend Etymotic baffled ear buds, used by sound engineers. Warning: you really can't hear anything but music, so don't use them around traffic.

Dith said...

My cat Brody eats through the cord of every pair of headphones I bring into the house.

I've given up. He wins.

tornwordo said...

I need my third set now. It irritates me that they do not last long. I'd gladly pay more for the five year version.