Thursday, January 07, 2010

Boys Don't Cry

I just want to go on record: I did not cry.

I did not cry when I fall down and go boom almost a week ago. I did not cry when I worked out for the first time since that ass to ice/pavement incident.

That is not to say I didn't cross my mind, even if only for a fleeting second.

Then I figured: what good would crying actually do?? The last time I cried is when we had to have Kylie put to sleep, and I will go on record again - I have never bawled like that before.

But as I mentioned yesterday, come hell or high water, I was working out today. I just didn't figure hell and high water would a way. Let's just say: ouchy.

I almost always start out with cardio. I find it easier to lift after I've got my adrenaline going a bit. I mean, it is 05:30 and you need something to start your day. Yesterday, it was the elliptical. It wasn't great, but certainly not horrible. After I got into a rhythm, I completed my 3o minutes on level 15 (out of 20). Sure I was sore, but I wasn't feeling it too much by the time cool-down came.

Normally after that, I do abs, on both an incline bench and one of them big balls (hehehe, I said 'big balls'). Let's just say, as I went to go sit and then lay on the bench, I knew this was not going to happen. I didn't even attempt the ball. The pain was pretty severe considering I'm a week in to this injury.

So it was down to the weight room with lowered expectations. This being optimistic just isn't paying off for me. I scaled down whatever weight I was going to try to bench, but the joke was actually getting on the bench......and then off. I was like an 84 year old man with scoliosis who was stricken by nerve gas. But just so you know I am a total moron - I did this two more times, so I could get three sets in, butt spasms aside.

As my friend Jon pointed out to me, something I already knew - I need to see someone about this, it can't really go on. Not like they can put it in a cast or anything. Naturally, while I have insurance, my current carrier will have me seen at one place and the new plan I get in 20 days will have me seen somewhere else. So what to do? What to do?

I'm hoping in two weeks I can do SpinFest II - but I'm trying to be realistic here. I don't know that is going to happen.

I won't cry over that either. .....not that I cried. I did not cry.

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Larry Ohio said...


btw, my word verification was "toldyaso"

Mutty said...

Sorry to hear that.

Your mate's suggestion sounds sensible though eh?

Hope it gets sorted soon.