Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Working Hour

It's only been two days, but so far things are going well. I had my first client meeting yesterday and it went well.

Mind you, I went in with now business cards - and I don't yet have an email account and spent the first day without a laptop, but.......

So the laptop came day 2 and it is teeny weeny. It's actually a Dell netbook. My old Dell travel battery weighs more than this new thing, and the new travel battery is smaller than my iPhone. It will be a breeze to travel with. It might suck for big spreadsheets I have to work on, but I'll adapt. It beats trudging from city to city with it strapped across my shoulder and ending up with a bad back.

And speaking of...........I'm still sore. Not as sore as I had been, but it flares up now and again. Clearing snow the other day (not the day I fell) didn't help matters, but it had to be done. Either way, I'm out the door at 5:15 a.m. this morning, because come hell or high water I will be working out. It's been five days since my last work-out - I fell lost. I feel like I'm losing momentum.

I'm not going to overdo it. I know I won't be able to, but next week I travel almost all week. All I will have is hotel exercise room. It will not be optimal, but I'll use it because what are my other choices?

Song by: Tears for Fears


Larry Ohio said...

"I feel like I'm losing momentum." You ARE losing momentum, but isn't that preferable to aggravating your injury?

I've never used one of those little netbooks, but any time I see someone using one I make sure I laugh at them!

Kris said...

Congrats on the new job (can't remember if I already said this). Sorry about your injury, though -- ouch. Oh, was supposed to see Nine last night but ended up seeing Up in the Air instead. It was pretty good.

Mutty said...

I've ended up investing in new luggage this xmas to save my back from laptop strain. I normally have to carry clothing for a few days too so something with wheels was called for.

Hope you regain your momentum in a satisfactory time and manner.

Birdie said...

I know this isn't manly or anything, but you should really see a doctor about your back. There may be something that needs his attention. And if not, you will be clear to suffer pain in a manly fashion.