Friday, December 31, 2021

A Year in Pictures

One more year down. One more years semi-documented in images. 

Some are new to the blog. Some maybe have made an appearance on Facebook or Instagram. Some never seen at all. These don't fully encapsulate the year, but just some fun or artsy-like images I have taken over the last 12 months. 

January 2021 - my actual first pic of 2021.  It seems ominous at best. 

January 2021 - cystoscopy.  It was ominous - at best!

January 2021 - Georgia on My Truck. 
Well.....not my truck.  She lords over all she sees. I'm assuming. She shows up on our Ring doorbell every single night. 

January 2021 - Moderna #1
I was so happy to get it and yet felt guilty that I got it before others. 

February 2021 - Flooded.
Offices all flooded, would work three weeks from home. 

February 2021 - Be Mine
Shep has Valentine's Day

February 2021 - Moonrise on a frigid day

February 2021 - Sunset on a frigid day

March 2021 - Everyone is masked. Or should be. 

March 2021 - Drunken Gnome Barbie

April 2021 - Not as exciting as you'd think. 
(pssssst - I made sure the 'c' was missing')

April 2021 - Covid lampost. 

April 2021 - Customer of the Week
They didn't even comp one lousy iced tea for that honour - but I did make their IG feed

April 2021 - Caffeine with Mike in P-town

May 2021 - Blobby: the druggie

May 2021 - Blobby in P-town with besties Becca and Morty

May 2021 - ....and one without Becca

May 2021 - dinner in P-town with Mike and his husband, Peter. 
Love them both. 

May 2021 - Provincetown Brewing Co. 

June 2021 - Chocolate Silos

June 2021 - Patriot or Leatherman. 
I mean - it's a guy in leather playing pool, right?  It's not just me who is seeing this. 

June 2021 - When Shep met Harriet

July 2021 - hanging on the Cuyahoga

July 2021 - extensive work on the backyard beings. Shep is supervising. 

July 2021 - Coolest dog at Bow Wow Beach

August 2021 - Little Italy public art

August 2021 - B&O Railroad Museum, in Baltimore

It was very neat to see. 

August 2021 - beach vaation

August 2021 - frolicking in the Atlantic

September 2021 - best. store. name. ever.   ....well, if you vape. 

September 2021 - a. men. 

September 2021 - a. fucking. men. 

October 2021 - warts.  ugh!

October 2021 - escorting some folks out of the backyard

October 2021 - I made 710 stop the car for this. 
Seriously. leaving the casket at the curb.  W.T.F.?

October 2021 - sunset. zero filters. It was wild!

October 2021 - she's like Lewis. Maybe Clark. 

October 2021 - snippet from our first book club selection in years: 

November 2021 - choo choo. 
All aboard the Recycle Expres

November 2021 - Natalie. 
I've fed my niece's fish often, but never seen Nat'lie. My niece "claims" she was always there. 

November 2021 - Indeed. 
Dry. Hard. Painful.    .....then shoot his mother in front of him, before turning your aim at him. 

The billboard was taken down the next day. 

December 2021 - well, you don't see this everyday

December 2021 - .....or this. 

December 2021 - Solstice

December 2021 - unfocused. but pretty. 

December 2021 - the Christmas Story House. 
On the walk there, a guy at a stoplight yells about Shep, "YOUR DOG IS ADORABLE". 
.....he wasn't wrong. 

December 2021 - signing out for the year. 

Thanks for joining another year of this little journey. it as it may. 


Travel said...

Thanks for the look back, thanks for a fun year of posts, comments, for being you. Many more to come. Happy New Year!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Thanks an unexpectedly poignant day!