Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 I suppose, had this appeared in the Sunday paper earlier, it could have been my Ad of the Month

This was a full page ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  I didn't hit space-space-space-space in that top part. "Help" is the overriding message of the ad.  Below the fold (I mean, if I had an actual physical paper) would have the text. 

The Omicron variant has taken three weeks to do what the Delta variant took four months. Depending on where you live, Omicron is 70-90% of all Covid cases. Just think how that replicated that quickly - and how fucked we are. 

I have a number of staff out with the virus. I have had more out in the last 3-4 weeks than the last 19 months combined. 

Last week, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana made up more than 50% of the entire countries cases of hospitalized Covid admissions. Think about that. 

And according to the NYT Covid Tracker - Cuyahoga County, my county, has the nations third highest Covid cases per 100,000 population.  Third the U.S.  And I live here. And work where we treat these. 

Honestly, the fact that I have not gotten Covid is just staggering to me. 

Now is really the time you don't want it - not that you ever did.  Nurse burn-out is a real thing. Daily - DAILY - at the end of shifts, we have nurses quitting. Not a two week notice. Just leaving. Even if there was a bed in the hospital, it is harder and harder to staff. No one to start your IV, get your meds of snag you a bedpan. Forget checking your vent. 

Every hospital in the city has stopped non-essential surgeries and procedures. If you actually need an ICU bed for something not Covid related, you're kind of fucked..........and kind of dead. 

So, holidays in our house are cancelled.  

I mean, we don't really do much anyways. But dinner with my sister and her family was semi-planned, but we just can't risk it - nor should they, so we 86'd it. 

So anyway - if you haven't been vaccinated - GET ON IT.  NOW. 


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James Dwight Williamson said...

Good Luck, 🍀 Hopefully and it passes as fast as it came, Ha! . Protocols and human frailty definitely can kneecap a holiday. I have errands to do out of the house and if it doesn’t get me today. I’m boostered and there is no one else who will get prescriptions or drinking water and dog food.

BosGuy said...

Such a sad comment on where we are at this point.

Boston announced starting next month you will need to have proof of vaccination to be allowed entry into nearly any business or indoor building. In addition to helping stop the spread they hope it will encourage more people to get vaccinated and boosted.

I feel for everyone working at a hospital these days. Our governor has also put a halt to all elective procedures starting 12/27 and put back in a mask mandate state-wide.


Travel said...

And still we have people who refuse, someone I know has quit her job over a vaccine mandate. When asked for a letter from her doctor saying it was unsafe for her to be vaccinated, she quit, that tells me all I needed to know, she is simply crazy.

Anonymous said...

...this appeared on JMG, Sunday, Dec 26, 2021.