Sunday, December 19, 2021

I Want You Back


I am on day 8 of a very sore lower back. Personally, I think I've shown great restraint by barely mentioning in my 12 of 12 that I felt a "twinge", 

That 'twinge' as grown.   .....and taken up residence. 

Sleeping and mornings are pretty rough. The whole things semi-loosens up by early afternoon, so I get to ignore or it, or just dive deep into denial.   .....until halfway though my sleep. 

Of course, I'm not blaming my friend Becky for any of this, I'm just saying I spent the Friday happy hour and a Saturday happy hour, pedicure and dinner with her - and THEN I have this mess. Though, we laughed a lot, so I might have doubled over in a gaffaw - so it might a humour induced injury. 

All kidding aside, I didn't have an 'event' that triggered this.  Ironically, no fall - which is my usual mode of injury. And let' me tell you, an injured back is the fastest way for one to really face their age. And to feel it too. It's a little soul crushing.

As males tend to do, I've relegated my health care to the Maybe It Will Go Away Inc.  It seems their customer service center has stopped taking my calls. 

I'm 86% sure I just need physical therapy, but.I need a doc to assess me on what exactly PT needs to do for which part of the left lower back. 

The odds of this happening the week or a holiday is slim to none - and hell, I've got connections and I'm not gonna get that appointment, and I'm still not getting that visit. 

Yes, I've used heat. Yes, I've taken naproxen. No I haven't really stretched - because right now it would be too painful. 

So, we'll see if time time time......will heal me, because it might be a while before I see a doc. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Feel better, maybe Santa will Fix it! Good Luck

Ur-spo said...

no fun that; My back went into a stiff a few weeks ago and remains such, despite daily stretches.
Let's hope in time both our backs loosen up.

Travel said...

It will go away in a few decades. I find laying on the floor sometimes helps,