Friday, December 03, 2021

Lover Girl

Bad editing (read; no editing), a big carbon monoxide leak, or a Heaven's Gate kind of ending? 

I'm going with the first option - though one can never really be sure. 

Now and then, I grab screen captures when I see something funny or absurd. This one kind of straddles both those lines. Some of these I hold on case I want to use it for something. Others I hold and then drag to the trash. 

For months - longer than normal - I've let this languish on my desktop. I'd want to 86 it, but kept reading it and smiling at how stupid it sounded and me think I'm the only one who reads the obits who picked up on the poorly crafted final notice. So, the item kept getting a reprieve. 

It's quite possible, I'm the only one who smirked at this. Or ever will. One can never be srue. 

I don't know - maybe Tina Marie died of embarrassment.  I'm not sure about her parents. 

Song by: Teena Marie


Travel said...

Editing is a lost art

Old Lurker said...

You might be on the Krampus's list for posting this.

The Cool Cookie said...

Wait. Did she and her parents all die at the same time? Evidently they were "at her side" as it says further down in the obit.

As for the lost art of the obituary, since newspapers no longer have obituary sections, there is no one to edit these. They are either written by funeral home employees during the pre-funeral meeting, or written by the family without anyone reading the obit, or editing it. Damn Legacy!

Case in point, people have a bad habit, today, of saying that when someone dies by "hanging" that they are 'hung'. WRONG! A bull is hung, people are hanged. Unless it's a man with a very large penis, then he is hung but alive! Said my 12-grade teacher, "If a man is hung by the neck, there are going to be a lot of women looking him up for a date." Point proven.
Yes, it sounds stilted, awkward, but it is correct. Several years ago I saw an obituary written by parents in Bedford (or Somerset) County Pennsylvania whose daughter ended her life by hanging. The obit stated that she "hung herself". When I called the Podunk Times to point out the error, I got an earful from the reporter who handled their obituaries, and he was mad as a hornet that I had the audacity to ask for a correction. Evidently others had been pointing that out to him. Sadly, the young woman's death was mishandled.